Gene Therapy R & D

Butterfly Sciences has two product goals – An HIV – Synthetic vaccine system, and an anti-aging GHRH gene therapy.

GHRH gene therapy can return this master hormone in the body to youthful levels, generating youthful condition in many ways. GHRH affects the immune system, cognition, cardiac muscle health, strength, endurance, and rate of healing.

Safety – The type of gene therapy that most people are familiar with is delivered by engineered viruses. That method is appropriate for many applications. The principal scientist at Butterfly Sciences has studied the problems of gene therapy treatment in detail. The immunology of gene therapy can be problematic, leading to grave illness and death. Viral methods are much more likely to cause shock syndromes.

The preferred method of gene therapy in some cases is plasmid therapy. This method is often reversible if necessary by removing the small region of muscle where the gene therapy has been administered.



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