Advisory consulting


Butterfly Sciences has advised on optimized treatment of cancers with good results, using our immunological expertise. While no method is a 100% cure, there are multiple ways to improve the probability of a good outcome that are soundly based in science.

5 thoughts on “Advisory consulting

  1. You have a good team.
    I am a retired MSEE living in Oregon. Keep up the good work. Any way I can help other than money?

  2. Hello I have a young friend who has been diagnosed with his 3rd cancer by age 17, he had a cancer of the leg (bone marrow?), then a brain tumour, now another cnacer of the leg I believe. (sorry I don’t know all the details, don’t wish to upset him with questions.)

    He has quite a small chance of survival i’ve been told…do you please have any advice?

    • Without details, all I can suggest is that he do the chemotherapy and radiation that is prescribed. There are other things. I’ll email you.

  3. Hi I am 21 years old and have always been fascinated by snakes and I have recently started to follow tim friede who as far as I understand works closely with your company I would like to know how I can to start to work on making vaccine I am from south Africa and want to do the same as tim friede if you would please help me understand better and help me along.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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