Custom made gene therapies


Gene therapy reborn.

In addition to GHRH, Butterfly Sciences has designed customized experimental gene therapies to treat specific conditions.

Follistatin – Muscular dystrophy and frailty.

ABCD1 – Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD )


Give us your target.


15 thoughts on “Custom made gene therapies

  1. Herpes Simplex Virus 2

    It has destroyed my life and it is much more than just a skin condition. A healthy, young man, but for some reason I deal with almost continuous outbreaks. Somehow got it orally and also genitally, I suffer symptoms in both regions every 2 weeks or so Sick and tired of dealing and thinking about this, it sucks all my energy and focus from me to the point of depression.

  2. Hello, You should definetely try to find cure for HSV virus. The potential is huge as so many people carry this virus and there is no cure.

  3. Please work on hsv. Many of us are suffering and there needs to be a better solution. Babies have gotten this from mothers as well. It can lead to blindness and meningitis as well.

  4. HSV (herpes simplex virus 1 /2)
    Why? Because the Stigma is so high no one can’t talk about it.
    There’s been no new antiviral in approximately 30 year’s.
    It’s no longer a sexual transmitted disease as it was thought to be, we now know that it’s one of the worst skin condition anyone can have.
    It’s the #1 caused of blindness.
    It can be passed on without any sign of infection.
    It causes so much nerve pain and damage.
    HIV is easier to be transmitted when you already have HSV.
    People are suffering and in desperate need of a cure.
    People commit suicide!!! But who cares right 90% of the world has it,the stigma is so bad. So why would anyone truly care.

  5. Ghsv 2 is an unsolved question for years and there are huge amount of people who are waiting for a cure. I suggest and request from you to also pay attention to this virus because it is killing people’s social life.

  6. Hello,

    I have HSV2 and would be very interested in any approaches that might alleviate the condition.

    Hope you are doing well.

    many thanks


  7. Please work on the herpes viruses HSV 1 and 2 as they cause great suffering and other illnesses.

    If you could solve herpes it would be as big as the polio vaccine by Jonas Salk.

  8. Hi,
    My daughter has a form of hyperkalemic periodic paralysis caused by a point mutation. This affects the sodium-potassium ion channels causing her to be very sensitive to potassium in diet, and have extreme muscle weakness. The mutation is p.Met1592ILE.

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