If you want to feel 20 years old again, and have money to invest in your future, let us know.

Butterfly Sciences is looking for motivated investors who want to live longer, healthier lives. (Note: We have more clinical disease targets than we can handle. So that is not an issue.)

Butterfly Sciences is looking for $6 million to to start our plasmid gene therapy into clinical trials, pursue patents and develop animal models that duplicate human uniqueness.

There is no other company out there that is looking to change the world like this. We have solid candidate plasmids already constructed.

And if you do invest, you won’t just be helping yourself. You will be changing the economy of the world, because no longer will people be too old and tired to keep contributing to the world if they want to. There is a big problem with our aging world. But we can make the world better, because the economy is not a zero-sum game.

If you want to live longer, feel great, stay athletic, and have the courage to put your money down.

I want to invest in Butterfly Sciences.

Butterfly Sciences

PO Box 2363

Davis, CA 95617

(415) 518-8153

8 thoughts on “Investors

  1. Hello Dr. Hanley:
    I’d like to meet you sometime. I am 67 years young, in excellent health. No systemic problems- yet. My parents are 99 and 95, so I hope I received their longevity genes! I had been to a few foresight institute meetings many years ago. Currently I live in Prescott AZ (born and raised in Los Angeles), and received my degrees from UCLA. Working part-time as a dentist treating those with sleep apnea and snoring. I hope to be around the next decade or two to take advantage of all the anticipated anti-aging advances (and hopefully accelerate Moore’s Law to do so!). Don’t have a lot of $ to fund (not that I want this to happen, but if my parents ever pass on, I definitely will!).
    Ed Reifman

    • Everything helps. However, there are issues with taking investments at this stage from people who are not “qualified investors”. It would probably have to be a donation. I’d also have to know whether or not you could actually afford to do that without hurting your situation.

  2. Exploring the possibilities of genetic engineering to progress the human life in the face of global natural calamities is very promising and very interesting thing.
    All the best 🙂

  3. Hi Brian. Im interested in helping and learning. Can we speak at your convenience?

    Thanks Much

  4. Consider an ICO. Make the token not only a feature of your funding but the means by which gene therapies provided by Butterfly are paid for. If designed correctly, you will not be in violation of the securities laws (principally if it is a utility token). If US securities laws seem problematic, proceed with an offshore offering to non-US Persons. If marketed correctly, you could raise quite a bit. Early adopters could either use the token to acquire therapy themselves or you could list the token on a coin exchange and if your therapies prove effective, they could sell the tokens at a premium to people who want to have access to your therapy.

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