Butterfly sciences was founded in 2009 to develop gene therapies for HIV and aging. Since founding, the company has completed patents in antibody based diagnostics for flow cytometry and developed gene therapy candidates and strategies for treatment of HIV-AIDS.

Butterfly Sciences additionally provides consulting services for biotech investment evaluations, and also for patients wishing to optimize treatment in oncology and other immunologically related areas.

Brian Hanley is the founder and chief scientist for Butterfly Sciences. Brian holds a Microbiology PhD from UC Davis with honors completed in under three years. Brian guest lectured for the MBA program at Santa Clara University for 6 years and has years of operations experience in the USA and Central Asia in startups and early stage companies. He has publications in epidemiology, biotechnology, economics and a portfolio of patents in addition to chapters on biodefense and terrorism in DHS/West Point sponsored books. Since founding Butterfly Sciences, Brian has developed gene therapies for HIV treatment   and new approaches to flow-cytometry diagnostics.


Advisory Board

Enoch-BaldwinEnoch Baldwin is associate professor of molecular and cellular biology, and chemistry at UC Davis. Enoch has been studying structure and functional groups of large protein molecules for most of his career, using cloning and molecular biology to produce modified molecules as part of structural analysis. Enoch’s interests are in macromolecular structure and function, macromolecular interactions, protein sequence-structure-function relationships, enzyme mechanisms, and X-ray structure determination. He brings a high level of expertise to problems in specialized cloning and engineering or protein molecules to maintain function while changing various characteristics.


Albert-van-Geelen-PortraitAlbert van Geelen has extensive research experience in virology, including work with recombinant CMV based hantavirus vaccine for his Ph.D., and unraveling mechanisms of Kaposi’s Sarcoma Herpes Virus (KSHV) for postdoctoral work. Following on that, Albert has been studying fetal lung tissue development and mechanisms of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) pathogenesis in perinatal lamb model in the Ackerman laboratory at Iowa State .  He brings excellent immunology and virology expertise and great practical experience with all aspects molecular biology.




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  1. Ref: Vaccines Development – Immune to FLU / COLD – (completely developed antibodies from War Poisons)

    Hope all is well. I am John Sundararajan 43 (project manager)
    currently in Los Angeles CA USA / Canada. Due to some circumstances during the last few years (decade) – I got myself immune (completely developed antibodies) to FLU Cold A & B strains.)

    All While being severely exposed to poisons, nerve agents (Sarin GB, tabun (GA), soman (GD), and cyclosarin (GF)) et al. Later on Poisoned with METHYL ISO CYNAYATE, and CO2 variants.

    I used to have severe FLU attacks every 4 months even chickengunya flu and nerve damage (firbromalygia), pain & twitching totally with tumors on my scalp for years on end.

    I still have nerve pain (fibromalygia) and severe stiffness allover but its is
    getting totally better due to everyday sports therapy, I am
    a highly active sports person. It has been about 6 years or more while
    my nerve damage had started but my autoimmune antibodies have stopped all further nerve damage, immuned me to the FLU/COLD Strains totally and making my scalp tumors disappear!

    I am on no medications or drugs mostly ever and took none for the
    above periods as well but for everyday sports therapy. I want to
    develop my autoimmune antibodies as vaccines for the FLU (Cold),
    Nerve Vaccine for like spinal damages and to look into the
    disappearing scalp tumors. I do take supplements as Apple vinegar, lime juice, green tea, Iodine, magnesium, Spanish black radish, Alpha lipoic acid, COq10, Curcumin, Contrast Showers, nerve floss, Coconut oil in coffee.

    I got you into from the Venom Man.( I handle monoclad snakes as well) Kindly advise on the above on flu vaccine development asap.

    thanks and regards

    John Sundararjan
    818 350 2659 / 646 625 5186

  2. Hi, I’m a university student from Mexico (veterinary medicine) interested in the area of molecular biology and investigation that I believe your group does. I would like it if you guys could provide me with links, papers and books about your investigations and any other material from an outside source that the group considers important. I have lots of questions hopefully you may reply to them in get in contact.

  3. I am an 82 yr old male with an interest in your project.What are the costs associated with your procedure such as yours. I am not wealthy. I like the odds.I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (stiff myocardium).

  4. I hope you gentlemen become successful in your research and development. This is truly a necessity to a better future. Good luck and hope you all prosper.

  5. I am 60 years old female in Bellevue wa and heard the radio news this morning about your research. Very cool and wish you might try the same test with me to see how it works for a female in the same age category as yourself. It would be a good comparison.

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  7. Mr. Brian Hanley my name is Yuki Mathews I dont know how to categorize myself in your prescence I believe I could be an inquirer and possible volunteer in the future. I’ve read an article you have posted according to this link:

    If you could please contact me via email I would greatly appreciate and discuss this topic. I have autism which proves difficulty to communicate my thoughts.

    P.S. I would like to be involved with this research in anyway possible. Further details on myself I’ll disclose via email. Thank you for your time and effort in hearing out my request.

  8. I recently found out through a DNA service that my genetics are quite unique. I was wondering if there was an email available that I could relate the details of the findings and assess if it would be worth pursuing or a possible direction could be offered. Thank you for your time.

    • You are welcome to email the info address on the site. While it might be interesting, I probably can’t do much.

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