If you want to feel 20 years old again, and have money to invest in your future, let us know.

Butterfly Sciences is looking for motivated investors who want to live longer, healthier lives.

Butterfly Sciences is looking for $5 million to to start our plasmid gene therapy into clinical trials.

There is no other company out there that is looking to change the world like this. We have solid candidate plasmids already constructed.

And if you do invest, you won’t just be helping yourself. You will be changing the economy of the world, because no longer will people be too old and tired to keep contributing to the world if they want to. There is a big problem with our aging world. But we can make the world better, because the economy is not a zero-sum game.

If you want to live longer, feel great, stay athletic, and have the courage to put your money down.

I want to invest in Butterfly Sciences.

Butterfly Sciences

PO Box 2363

Davis, CA 95617

(415) 518-8153

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